fast and efficient standalone raster map calculator

modified 27 April 2021 by Paweł Netzel

plMapcalc is a standalone raster map calculator. It works under Windows (7, 8.1, 10) and Linux (FC30). The application depends on GDAL (2.1.2). So, it is necessary to install GDAL before plMapcalc installation. Windows version of plMapcalc is provided with an installation program. Windows plMapcalc setup will install all needed dependencies. plMapcals uses argtable v.3 and Tiny C Compiler (TCC) v.0.9.3 libraries for argument parsing and macro on-the-fly compilation, respectively.

plMapcalc’s user defines macros and scripts to perform calculations on raster layers. These macros should be written using C language syntax. It is possible to define simple operations such as adding two raster layers or NDVI calculation. User can also define complex scripts to perform more advanced raster analysis (for example: calculation of Koeppen-Geiger climate classification).

plMapcalc is a fast and efficient software. It compiles macro to raw binary code and calls it for every raster cell. We prepared two datasets and a set of bash scripts to compare plMapcalc, gdal_calc, SAGA, GRASS, and R raster calculators. A ZIP archive that contains the data and scripts is available here (filesize ca. 4.4GB).

plMapcalc features:

plMapcalc limitations:

plMapcalc is a free and open source software. It is released under GNU GPL v.3 license.